Gourob Nandi

Gourob Nandi Pic Passionate about crafting captivating front-end experiences, merging dev expertise with meticulous testing. Proficient in Java, C, Python, HTML, CSS. Learning JavaScript; future plans include Node.js, React.js, MongoDB, TypeScript, Next.JS, Redux, Tailwind CSS. Explored IoT, ML, AI in college. Skilled in automation testing (Selenium, TestNG, JUnit, Cucumber), CI/CD (Jenkins, GitLab) from Wipro. Certified on HackerRank. Eager to apply adaptable skills, elevate teams, and drive impactful projects.


Work Experiences

Project Engineer | Test Engineer L1 | Quality Assurance | Automation Tester | DOP- EOT

Aug 2022- Present

  • Bug Identification & Reporting: Proficient in pinpointing and documenting bugs, with a track record of over 50 reported issues spanning diverse projects.
  • Thorough Regression Testing: Execute meticulous high-level regression tests to safeguard product quality and ensure unwavering reliability.
  • Test Scenario Development: Skilled in crafting robust test scenarios, aiding in test data preparation, and delivering comprehensive test reports.
  • Change Request Documentation: Demonstrated expertise in creating detailed Change Requests (CRs) to accurately record project alterations and maintain meticulous records.

Project Engineer | Test Engineer Trainee | Website Testing | DOP - EOT

Arp 2022- Aug 2022

  • Comprehensive Understanding: Acquired fundamental knowledge encompassing various software testing types, techniques, test case development, and proficient bug reporting methodologies during an intensive training period.
  • Java Proficiency: Mastered the Java programming language, a pivotal skill for crafting robust automated test scripts essential for efficient testing processes.
  • Automation Tools Exposure: Introduced to a suite of automation testing tools, including Selenium, Appium, TestNG, JUnit, and Cucumber, priming skills to automate diverse testing aspects and enhance testing efficiency.
  • CI/CD Integration: Gained insights into vital CI/CD tools like Jenkins and GitLab, crucial for seamlessly integrating automated testing scripts into the development pipeline, optimizing testing workflows.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Why I am Switching From Testing To Development Domain?

Transitioning from testing to web development for enhanced growth and passion fulfillment. Aiming for a coding-centric career that aligns with long-term aspirations. Testing expertise, including knowledge of writing test cases, enhances my potential as a developer, bridging valuable skills for a comprehensive approach to web development.